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Popular DLLs

There is no good classification for DLL files. I would break them into two major groups:

  • system DLLs which are used by Microsoft Windows
  • Application DLLs used by various applications

Major groups of system DLLs

  • DirectX DLLs. Examples are: d3dim.dll, d3dim700.dll, d3dramp.dll, d3dx10.dll, d3dx10_33.dll, d3dx10_34.dll, d3dx10_35.dll
  • Keyboard Layout DLLs. Example are: kbdfc.dll, kbdfi.dll, kbdfi1.dll, kbdfo.dll, kbdfr.dll, kbdgae.dll, kbdgeo.dll, kbdgeoer.dll, kbdgeoqw.dll

Major groups of application DLLs

  • Shared Visual C++ DLLs like msvcr80.dll, msvcr71.dll. These DLLs are used by applications which were compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Shared Visual Basic DLLs like msvbvm60.dll, msvbvm50.dll.

Other popular DLLs

  • kernel32.dll - Windows Kernel
  • mscoree.dll - .NET Framework module
  • ntdll.dll - Windows helper functions
  • user32.dll - Windows User module
  • gdiplus.dll - GDI extensions
  • hal.dll - Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL
  • advrcntr2.dll - Nero 7 library
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  Hex: 4D 5A
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